I am an Integrated Media Strategist from Michigan living within the Metro Detroit Area.

Creative strategy, research, and effective communication were my gateway within the media industry, which built the foundation of my career within the traditional and digital world of media.

Concept Development

With a client-focused mindset and a brain capable of producing an endless amount of solutions turned out to be the perfect fit when collaborating with agencies, clients, and brands to develop integrated campaigns and solve problems together.

Creative Strategy

I’ll admit. I have an obsession when it comes to planning and strategy. Especially when working on client projects focusing on the experiences of their targeted audiences. I like to fully delve into the mindset of people of all ages and better understand what their wants and needs are. Being innovative and progressive is my expertise. My secret to success is my ability to combine the creative and analytical sides of my brain to produce the results I want to achieve.


Finding my fit in communication several years ago, I found myself working as a research assistant to analyze complex qualitative and quantitive survey data. Out of my love for puzzles and understanding different perspectives, I jumped right to work and began my passion for analyzing and disseminating information across various mediums.

Outstanding results stems from:

1. RESEARCH there’s a reason why things are the way they are. What’s happening within the past and in real-time are clues to what will or will not work

2. OPPORTUNITY a quick win isn’t going to fix the problem you are trying to solve. Being unique and open to play with different solutions will lead the way to genius creations

3. PLANNING this is where all of the magic happens. Using the information gained during the research gathering process and identifying the unique opportunity that sets your brand apart, what is your goal and how are you going to implement the steps to achieve them – who will be responsible for what and how

4. EXECUTION aka showtime. Because you were proactive within the planning stage, you are ready to execute your plan with the team and monitor your success

If you’re looking for someone who can think up big ideas (and small ones), strategize solutions for different audiences (no matter the brand), and collaborate with different people on your team (from planners to developers to designers—even data analytics brainiacs), then we might make a good match.

Give me a call let’s talk: (586) 623.9169

Or send me an email at maria.abujoudeh@gmail.com.

Or, check out my resume.